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Dear Religious Right Watch:

Just came across your blog and it looks invaluable! Can I become a contibutor? Could you list my blog? My style is lighter than most, but the points are valid (read one of the latest on Hell Houses). I am also writing a book entitled: "Sacred Cows Make the Best Hamburgers - How To Become a Lion and Devour the Religious Right."

Also: How do I have your site feed to my home page?

Thanks again,
Dan Vojir

The religious right is the worst thing to happen to the United States and the World. I was born and baptized a Christian and do not agree with these views. Because of groups, movements and organizations like this, you are taking a step backwards in civilization and bringing humanity closer to the dark ages. Grow up, everything is not centered around God, Jesus, sinning, fire and brimstone. It seems like there is a consipracy for everything, and you are making it out to be that everyone is targeting Christians and the world is coming to an end. If anything the world will come to an end because of your right wing ways.

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