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I think its a shame for people to gay bash. Even if I don't agree with it Christians are called to love everyone. You can love everyone without participating in the sin. Love the person hate the sin, so they've been saying, which is a good example.


While an interesting article on Fundamentalism, I’m disgusted that SPLC stoops to playing into the current anti-immigrant bigotry that exists.

Violence against the gay and lesbian community is a serious issue that needs to be address (Note that SPLC suggests nothing in the form of a response to the problem). What does the fact that the perpetrators are immigrants have to do with how Fundamentalists continue to endanger and restrict the human rights of the LGBT community? SPLC is simply using the immigrant status of the perpetrators to sell their story to a largely white audience.

This type of sensationalism reminds me of the majority of articles on "Black Anti-Semitism" or "Black Homophobia" in the early 90s. These types or stories are usually thrown out as a message to the larger society..."look their prejudiced too and therefore our unwillingness to address white privilege is not really a problem."

On the tails of the SPLC article called "Blackout In L.A.," which accuses Latinos of engaging in "ethnic cleansing" of African Americans, I think that we are playing into sensationalism.

Sadly, I think in fifty years this article will be an example of just how far the level of anti-immigrant bashing has risen in the U.S. Disappointingly it appears that even our allies are no longer immune to it.

I don't think that the SPLC is simply playing into anti-immigrant hysteria. Homophobia is a real problem in Russia as well and just because ethnic Russians move to the US doesn't mean they leave their attitudes at the door. While such reports may sound alarmist, they are not. And as those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest know, gay bashings have recently picked up. Just because something is connected to members of an immigrant community does not make the accusations automatically false. This is a REAL problem for those of us who live here.

Don't come to Oregon watchmen. I'm not gay but one of a many straight men who have an army ready for you. Stay the fuck away.

A so-called Slavic "Christian" man MURDERED a gay man in Sacramento in 2007, and then skipped the country, like the bloody COWARD that he is. This nutcase is hiding somewhere in Russia, and his "wife" knows where he is, even though she lies to police and denies. Someone ought to tell her that her kids can be taken from her for harboring an international fugitive KILLER.

Sorry, Joanne, but that "love the sinner, hate the sin" bit is incredibly offensive. My partner and I are a loving couple who take care of our families, maintain professional careers and do our best to improve the lives of those who come into our little world.

Further, my partner is currently proudly serving this country in heavy combat overseas, fighting for the freedom of his countrymen to "hate the sin" of ...what, exactly? Our kissing? Holding hands? Making love? Do you do none of those things? Do you advocate some of your fellow human beings going through life without experiencing those things in order to suit your mythologies?

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