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I'm not atheist, but I think you have some sound points, though the constitution does allow for freedom of religious expression(As long as it doesn't harm others) it does not force religion down anyone's throat or demand that people conform and believe in God. But the religoius right seem to think that they have the right to do just that as long as it conforms to their views and ideology.If it were a matter of live and let live, it might be different, but to me a theocracy is a danger to this country, and I don't believe we(all of us) can be safe if others are allowed to dictate to us what we will or won't believe in. Theocracies like the one in Iran are an example of how theocracy is a dangerous notion and ideal for this country. People are literally stifled and repressed, if you speak up and disagree with the government you may end up in jail or worse. This is not just a threat to atheists but to other Christians as well, especially to more moderate ones(Have you seen the game they came out with based on the left behind series? Yikes! Yikes! Yikes, not only are atheists targeted but those of other faiths and moderate Christians and homosexuals. (CONVERT! or die seems to be the implicit message behind the game)We are all in danger if the will of the religious right prevails, it is nothing short of religious tyranny.
There is a darned good reason why there is separation of church and state..For the reason that you've quoted from Thomas Jefferson:most tyrannical and ambitious.... They pant to re-establish by law, that holy inquisition, which they can now only infuse into public opinion." Tyranny does not promote religious freedom, but the opposite.

The only thing the constitution is founded on is democracy, not religion. The founding fathers saw the consequences of church and state not being separated, in England. They did not want this to happen here in America.They knew that tyranny would prevail . The church having too much power would wield that power unreasonably.

I'd like to add it is not good government to impose it's will on the people, government as defined by the constitution is for the people and by the people. The government is ideally supposed to represent the people, it governs at their discretion. With the religious right's interference in politics, they want the government to force religion down people's throats and of course only the religion they believe is truly representative of God and their own interpretation of the bible.

Their agenda is to overthrow the government and the constitution and remake it in to the image of what they want, and what they decide is best for the rest of us..They don't represent democracy or freedom, they stand for the opposite. It is no understatement that they are trying to force the rest of us into their own mold . They want the rest of us to be compliant and unquestioning of their authority as well. Docile people are easily led and stupid. That anyone should call this arrangement intolerable and stand up against religious extremism seems to be the only way to stop them. Passivity and a blind acceptance of the way things are will only make it easier for them to take complete control.

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