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As I understand it, "dominionist" refers to a very specific sub-group holding particular beliefs. As I also understand, based on research, those who hold this belief have actively chosen to avoid this term in referring to themselves, as the beliefs are too fringey for the more mainstream evangelicals.

How should we actively and effectively identify this particular subgroup?

My understanding:
"those who hold this belief have actively chosen to avoid this term in referring to themselves"

Yes, I think that's probably true for most the most part

"the beliefs are too fringey for the more mainstream evangelicals."

That's a fair assessment, yes; but...

"a very specific sub-group holding particular beliefs"

This I'm not as sure about. I've yet to find a water-tight definition of dominionism, and I'm not sure that there's a established *set* of beliefs, though certainly some beliefs are common among all dominionists.

But what I would like to stress is that dominionist thought trickles down, so to speak, and is influencing wider evangelical and traditionalist mainline cultures.

I sometimes think of it this way:
When I was growing up in the fundamentalist and conservative evangelical subcultures in Iowa (with more experience with the latter), I would often hear the call to "Claim the country for Christ," or words to that effect.

I think that while within evangelicalism such a call once meant to convert ones fellow countrymen, these days I think the exact same words are said from many of the exact same pulpits as 20 years ago, but now the words mean to wage spiriual and political warfare against perceived enemies and influences, to secure and control positions (judgships, etc.) and officials in order to make the country one that is run by Christians. It's politics as a sort of evangelism, at the end of the day, it's still politics.

Not sure if I'm making any sense.

Interesting discussion. Choosing and using language correctly is critical- especially in the very slippery area of religious understanding. When I created my Live Journal community, I deliberately refrained from using "evangelical" or "fundementalist" as descriptors because they are very specific belief sets, and not all evangelicals or fundementalists believe in the "Christianity Uber Alles" mindset of the dominionists.

I use that word when referring to this particular set of beliefs because "Christocrats" (which Pastor Parsley has openly used) isn't yet widespread, and dominionism is exactly the goal that this group wants to achieve.

There's an excellent Wikipedia definition of Dominionism as a sect, and where it fits in with other extreme fringe groups here:


But "Religious Supermacist" "Christian Nationalist" or even "Christocrat" might work.

"Christianist" is interesting- and possibly volatile- because it suggests a radical and possible destructive sect within the mainstream of the faith. I've seen "Islamist" used the same way- to distinguish the extremists and Wahabbis and Taliban from the mainstream.

And "Christianist" also suggests the spiritual and cultural warfare that they love to wage on all non-believers. And it also brings to mind their ultimate goal- to legislate their faith in order to achieve their particularly toxic 'dominion' over all peoples.


"dominionism" described here


I've always liked 'god-botherers'.

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